SB Gold Holding

The Straits Bullion Gold Holding is probably the simplest, if not easiest way to invest in gold. It is a good investment vehicle for investors who simply want their cash to be valued in term of gold.

You can buy and sell international gold, backed by physicals, at market-linked prices in units of 1 gr of gold, subject to multiples of 5 gr per transaction.

To simply put it, you are depositing cash into your Gold Holding which will convert your cash amount into grams of gold and recorded through your monthly statement.
To sign up, you are only required to produce your identification card to open the account. The process is similar to opening a bank’s cash savings account.

Depositing and withdrawing from your SB Gold Holding Account is just as easy. No premium for production of gold is charged because there is no physical gold involved until such time you decide to redeem your savings in physicals. The bid spread between the buying and selling price for each gram of gold is considered very attractive as well.

The SB Gold Holding is an excellent platform for short term deposits because of the liquidity. The account also allows you to lock in on the price of gold at that period of time.

SB Gold Holding is managed separately in a segregated bank account held under BCA.
So if you are looking for ease of transaction, then the Straits Gold Holding is the investment vehicle for you.